Operation LENTUS – Williams Lake, BC. Corporal McKenzie Skinner, 39 Signal Regiment, B Squadron, 1 Troop – Nanaimo. Currently for work, I do human trafficking prevention and restorative justice civilian side. One of the great things about the army reserves is it gives us the ability to do both when we have the time and we have the ability between civilian work to come out and do domestic operations like this and participate in other exercises throughout the year. The army reserves has been one of the best employers I ever had because they are incredibly flexible and you can tell the Army reserves appreciates that ability to have those secondary skills. Especially in situations like domestic operations, those absolutely come in handy. Because not only do we have our military training and skillset like myself with radios and signals but I can also carry on that civilian career. In the military, my job is to provide communication support. I can put up satellite dishes, provide internet in remote locations that help support all the other components that are part of the battle group. Making sure the officers have the ability to connect with different components and keep the flow of information steady. We insure that all those communications links from the top to the bottom are there. Whether that means putting up antennas or satellite dishes or really just being that person with the radio on their back making sure that those comms are working.